Logistics world facing Covid-19

The COVID-19 induced lockdown in our houses and changed our lives as we used to live it, certainly it gave us a critical hit over what humanity do: been in constant movement and to be in contact with other people, this is the base about what we are; however for our way to work, and our workplace it has helped to explore new lands for domestic and international companies, we have learned that home office is good enough for a lot of types of work and that contact with customers and suppliers can continue online in different technological platforms.

Due to the Covid-19 expansion, many airports have been affected by the lockdowns in several countries thru this year; a radical change, but How is this affecting to one of the most important field? let’s talk about we do: Logistics.

In the past articles my colleagues have written about covid-19, economy and project cargo; instead of it, personally I would like to bring a question: the logistics companies, what are they doing to keep working in this pandemic time?

Unfortunately, the International conferences what we use to attend and the visits to our partners all over the world has been cancelled or postponed for almost everyone of the colleagues who works in this area. How are we supposed to look for better relationships If the main restriction that we have is to going out of home? It’s a challenge, a big one.

For decades MLTi Logistics has invested to attend to these conferences, travels and visits to our logistics partners around the world to expand and offer the best possible service to our customers. Every year colleagues from different roles travels to these conferences with the idea to bring home new business, new colleagues to grow up and get better in all the aspects; but in the beginning of this year the battle started against Covid-19, we need to work with the situation which is different and more complex than any other many of us faced before, there are big changes as: new routes from customers, different types of commodities (masks, medical cargo) and the new urgencies. All of this represent new challenges and we love challenges.

This situation is taking us to provide more than our 100% the 24 hrs to find solutions to each one of our customers and prospects, which are those solutions? The situation is changing the world, logistics must change too, the companies that want to survive this pandemic must to reinvent themselves, there is no chance to stay in a pre-covid-19 world and the word key is: creativity.

A good creativity example for MLTi Logistics is our Marketing team, they have been developing very good strategies on social media for customers and partners interest according to their needs and to the industries where we work, at this moment social media is one of the strongest parts of communication with them.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. – O. Wilde.

The situation is still complicated but let’s be dreamers, let the creativity reinvent our logistics soul and that let’s do our punishment be the success in the after-covid-19 world.








Laura Villanueva

Networks Development

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