During this contingency of the coronavirus, in MLTi Logistics, the innovation, the commitment, the teamwork and the passion with which we do things, have been our main engines to give continuity to our operations.

Aware that one of the most important values we have as a company are our employees, the number one priority has been to ensure that all of us at MLTI and our families are as safe as possible; therefore, since the beginning of this crisis we adopted all the health and safety measures and protocols, which have been indicated by authorities at the local and national level and organizations at the global level.

All this, has allowed us to give continuity and security to each project with our clients and we are committed in each of the operations that we carry out, offering the service and support of maximum quality that the companies, partners and suppliers expect from MLTi Logistics during a situation like this.

We are aware that this situation is very dynamic, as information is changing day by day, so as a company we will seek to provide updates as we know more and have certainty of what is happening around this pandemic.


  1. As a preventive measure from the first weeks of the pandemic, we coordinated a series of strategies, which allowed all employees to work remotely from their homes, attending the office only in exceptional cases, with the main objective of safeguarding their health and maintaining operations at all levels.
  • During the weeks that we were working remotely, an internal communication campaign was maintained, informing the collaborators about the company’s measures in the face of the contingency, and providing information and activities that would allow them to work from home, health care and the progress of the pandemic. Likewise, with our clients, partners and suppliers, close communication was maintained through various digital channels, to inform about how the company’s operations and activities would be carried out.
  • In our offices, sanitizations have been carried out in all physical spaces, so that activities in each workspace are assured. Likewise, a sanitization program has been established with a certified company, during the following months.
  • An Action Guide has been designed for the Covid-19, in accordance with the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, so that each of the offices has special spaces and health and hygiene protocols, internal communication campaigns have been implemented, and for new employees there is a talk on  the coronavirus, health protocols and the responsibilities of each collaborator in these initiatives.
  • In each of the operations that are carried out, it is reviewed that each and every one of the health and safety protocols are followed, which are requested by the health authorities and regulatory bodies for this type of activity.

So far, we have not experienced any significant impact on our business operations as a result of this situation, and in the event of any extra contingency, we will seek ways to respond immediately. We will continue to closely monitor and adjust the business as necessary to guarantee our customers the world-class service that has identified us in these 27 years of being a leader in logistics.

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